“Cara Ilona, aiutare un ingegnere a sviluppare il lato comunicativo e commerciale non è mai un’impresa facile! La tua professionalità, le tue esperienze passate e presenti e gli anni dedicati con passione e determinazione al coaching, mi hanno oggi permesso di raggiungere il primo di molti importanti steps. E’ stato un piacere ed un onore lavorare con te. Sicuro di una continua collaborazione futura, grazie per tutto!" Jacopo Pavoni, Consultant, Badenoch + Clark, Switzerland


 "Dear Ilona, in the name of team and Jan I would like to thank you for the excellent workshop as well as the documentation you put together for us. The workshop was educational, eye- mind opening and constructive, along with tons of fun. Everyone enjoyed it. It was just the right thing at the right time and for the right team to do.” Su Fang, Management Support, CREDIT SUISSE AG, Private Banking, Switzerland

"Vielen Dank für das super Training - ich war schon an vielen Workshops, jedoch hat mich die Begeisterung von einem Coach noch nie so gepackt wie deine." Consultant, Sales and Negotiation Training, Spring Professional, Schweiz


"I and the rest of the team enjoyed your training and your passion to support the college to have a great leading team. We felt you are one of us, honestly. Thank you so much for helping our team to find its identity." Dr. Ibrahim Al Naimi, President, Community College of Qatar


"To me, Ilona is a coach who combines her great knowledge of method with her own opinion and she is not shy to communicate if it helps the reflection work. She helped me to clearly elaborate blind spots and led me to effective solutions. She is able to formulate problems to the point and is able to challenge in a way that further develops. She does it all openly, honestly and with a great amount of humor. I was lucky to work with her for my personal development, as well as for the development of my communication skills. This has led me to great results and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to working with her again. If you are looking for a coach with an opinion and who is truly interested in the person she works with ... Ilona is your coach."  Lars Keller, Senior Brand Manager Dermatology, AbbVie AG, Switzerland


"Happy to see actions listed out and that you took on difficult conversations with parent/adult/child topic. Some parts were uncomfortable especially when you gave strong opinions on some of the words said by the team, but I understand that this is part of your role as a coach. Thank you!" Rafidah Rahumathullah, Schenker AG, Germay


"Sales Training with Ilona Geiger: -informative - enlightening - stimulating - challenging existing ways of working & thinking - fun - collaborative." Charles Allen, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG, Austria


"Cours excellent et très intéressant. Un bon appui pour le travail quotidien des assistants. La formatrice a fait un excellent travail. Une personne compétente at à l'écoute. Bonne maitrise des outils et méthodes." Kursteilnehmerin, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland


"It was incredibly beneficial. What I found the most helpful is that with a small group of people as we did over the past two mornings she managed to tailor the training to our personal professional needs, while keeping in mind our personal ways of working and adapting accordingly. The theory yesterday morning was a great way to have a first approach and understand how it should be done. Covering not only the various possible outcomes of the different calls, as well as talking about the how to adapt our speech to the different people we talked about was very insightful. While doing the phone calls, she was very proactive in helping us find the right way to steer the call into securing a meeting. Personally, this is a fantastic basis for me to start and with practice I have absolutely no doubt it will greatly help me in my professional path. Even though I was quite nervous to cold call clients, she was able to be present and help me every step of the way. I am looking forward to use what I’ve learned tomorrow, and throughout my career as a consultant." Francisco Breitenfeld Sá Dantas, Researcher Operations Practice, Middle to Top Management recruitment, Badenoch & Clark, Geneva


"A big thank you to you as well. Not only did you help us as a team - you also helped me grow. I feel today much stronger than 4 years ago!... And you are part of that professional and personal growth. Very best to you." Alain Baumann, CEO of a patient worldwide organization - Montreal, Canada


" Cours très vivant et intéressant. Très enrichissant et efficace. Excellente communication. Messages très claires et facile à retenir les point clefs et à les intégrer dans son qoutidien." Rivera Anne, General Secretariat, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland


"Ilona Geiger hat unsere Mitarbeiter optimal auf ihren Einsatz im Österreich-Pavillon bei der EXPO 2015 in Mailand vorbereitet: offen, informativ, themenbezogen und abwechslungsreich. Der Teambuilding-Workshop war ein wichtiger Baustein für ein motiviertes und engagiertes Team als Voraussetzung für ein erfolgreiches Projekt."
Rudolf Ruzicka, Leiter EXPO Büro der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich


„Liebe Ilona, das zweitägige Führungsseminar „Teamführung in Zeiten von Wandel und Veränderung“ war für mich ein voller Erfolg. Du hast uns professionell und souverän durch die beiden Tage geführt und es dabei verstanden, die Thematik auf den Punkt zu bringen. Es war spannend, es war erfrischend, es war gewinnbringend. Ich möchte mich auf diesem Wege noch einmal ganz herzlich bei Dir bedanken.“ Arno Aberer, Leiter der Abteilung Handelsregister beim Amt für Justiz, Liechtenstein


„Da war viel Energie, Authentizität und Fachwissen, aber auch Einfühlungsvermögen und Durchsetzungskraft. Ilona Geiger gehört zu den Coaches, die es schaffen, einen Haufen Kreativer zwei Tage lang in der Spur zu halten. Respekt!“  
Roland Heiler, Managing Director, Studio F. A. Porsche, Zell am See, Österreich


"Dear Ilona, again many thanks for your lead/coaching through SwiftRe's team building off-site meeting in Rüschlikon. The mandate was to establish a good foundation in order to transform the 2 different teams into one team with one aspiration. This goal has been achieved and I personally was very pleased to see that we as a team have made good progress. Even more in the daily work I can sense that we are really growing as one team, namely the SwiftRe team. Your illustration of the 4 phases (forming, storming, norming, performing) helped us to understand the team building process. Furthermore, we appreciated your flexibility and to change the focus as the back log (legacy issue) is blocking quite a large amount of the resource and needs to be solved before we can move ahead. This is important for the team." Chung-Shik Mangold, Head of SwiftRe, Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd


"This workshop really surprised me, I thought all of us would not be as open and honest as we really were. I think we got closer together, understanding each other a little better. You were leading the group perfectly, always feeling what was appropriate! Thank you!"
Team member, AOSPINE International


"C’ etait très intéressant, très dynamique, une formation a recommander a toutes les entreprises, merci."
ADP (Suisse) SA


"Thank you for taking our comments to heart underway and accommodating our wishes. A lot of good input, nice structure, good talks. Interesting facts on how to move the team to the next level. You are an excellent trainer, all the best for the future!"
Dejan Pajkic, Customer Care Supervisor, Oakley (Schweiz) GmbH


"Best two days I have ever spent with the Regions as a group. Sense & belonging reinforced. Love the way Ilona can rally the troops & interpret the likenesses & disconnects. She brings us full circle & helps us to find ways for us to see change."
Regional Director, AOSpine North America


"Good experience :-) - very good indeed. Practice & theory got on well. One of the best team buildings I ever experienced. Thanks a lot!"
Project Manager, Société Générale, Geneva


"I could learn a lot and I lost a bit my big fear for presentations. This training was not only improving my way of performing presentations but helped me to rethink about the way I am communicating in my daily professional and private life."
associate of Zepter International


"Good approach to extract the information. Very pleasant person. Gets directly to the point. Would recommend to others. Thank you, Ilona!"
Participant of MEGlobal Change Days


"Patience, observation, méthodologie sont autant de qualités dont Ilona sait se servir pour créer un environement propice à une prise de conscience à la fois individuelle et collective lors des stages dispensés et ceci sans oublier le fun, bravo!"
Thibault Cruse, Business Affairs Director, Mc Donald’s Europe


"Dear Ilona, we would like to thank you for the brilliant and great support. You are doing a fantastic job!..."
associates of Page Personnel  Switzerland


"...thanks to her excellent methodical background, her strong ability to adapt to our specific environment,… Ilona highly contributed to develop successfully the training programme newly implemented in Switzerland. …”
Carine Chantelou, European Director of Training & Development, Michael Page International


"Great fun, very good discussion, very productive, good result, must repeat frequently." Member Management Team AOTrauma


"Es war wirklich ein toller Tag, den uns Frau Geiger im Rahmen unseres Cultural Trainings – Middle East geboten hat. Durch anschauliche und aktuelle Beispiele aus der Praxis war der Trainingstag lehrreich, unterhaltsam und sehr kurzweilig. Man kann dazu nur sagen,… so macht ein Training richtig Spaß."
Diana Plankenbüchler Senior Executive Assistant to Deputy CEO | EVP Operations Borealis AG | Vienna