When it comes to people,
it takes more than
organisation and structure.

to one

and personal

  • Career planning
  • Self-management
  • Personal development, including DISC analysis
  • Life balance and burnout prevention
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills

Seminars &

Tailored to your company’s needs

  • Change management
  • Leadership
  • Team development
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict intervention
  • Generation Management and Demography
  • Intercultural Management and Diversity
  • Leading remote teams
  • Strategic and future planning


  • Needs are analyzed in a preliminary session
  • Content is tailored to the needs of the participants/trainees
  • An intuitive and situational approach is engaged during the workshops
  • Best practices and scientifically-proven approaches utilized
  • Developmental steps are planned as required
  • What is learned is transferred to daily life with quantifiable tasks
  • Regular follow ups
  • Individual feedback

In the end it always comes down to the boss.

Mistakes are made, progress stagnates and someone is always to blame. The aha moment comes when you realise instead of blaming others and adopting the comfortable, complaining victim role, there is another way to spend your professional life; being active, responsible and dynamic!

About Ilona Geiger

As a fully trained business coach, Ilona Geiger holds a Master’s degree in Training and Development and has been working in the areas of training and coaching since 2002. Renowned companies all over Europe are among her clients.

Before discovering her passion for training and coaching she gained management experience in the Middle East region, Europe and Africa over a ten year period.

Academic background
  • Master in Training and Development, University of Salzburg, Austria
  • Master’s thesis: "Collusion and Burnout Prevention in Organisations"
Further qualifications
  • Corporate Happiness Ambassador, Munich
  • Intercultural Business Trainer, SPIDI Academy, Vienna
  • Systemic Constellations, Eelco de Geus, Vienna
  • Coaching for Results, Harvard Business School
  • Certified Extended DISG Coach, GB
  • “Advanced Training Skills”, Dubai

Doing meaningful and fun work is not a privilege reserved for the few,

but a choice we all make every day.

You can learn to make the right choices! It doesn’t matter if you run a global company or pick asparagus.

Some mistakes are a work of art.

So good they are unique

When working with teams, I encourage an open culture around mistakes. Mistakes are there to be shared, not hidden away in shame. Instead of being stuck in the ’storming’ phase, sweeping mistakes under the carpet, I encourage people to openly discuss the errors made and to break them down so they can learn how to create a work of art from them. Mistakes are allowed.


More exciting than balance sheets and figures?

The rough edges of employees! 

The most interesting thing about my work is what lies behind the story: the characters of the employees. Here is where you find the biggest obstacles and the greatest potential. Here is where it is decided whether things run like clockwork or whether progress falters.


Liebe Ilona, nochmals vielen Dank für den gelungenen Workshop. Fasziniert hat mich, dass Du jeweils im Kontext reagiert hast und einen Moment später auf der Metaebene kommentiert hast, was jetzt passiert ist. Damit hast Du uns viele Dinge wirklich anschaulich vor Augen geführt. Vielen Dank.

Senior Business Consultant, Zühlke Engineering AG, Schweiz

I and the rest of the team enjoyed your training and your passion to support the college to have a great leading team. We felt you are one of us, honestly. Thank you so much for helping our team to find its identity.

President, Community College of Qatar

Patience, observation, méthodologie sont autant de qualités dont Ilona sait se servir pour créer un environnement propice à une prise de conscience à la fois individuelle et collective lors des stages dispensés et ceci sans oublier le fun, bravo!

Business Affairs Director, Mc Donald’s Europe

Da war viel Energie, Authentizität und Fachwissen, aber auch Einfühlungsvermögen und Durchsetzungskraft. Ilona Geiger gehört zu den Coaches, die es schaffen, einen Haufen Kreativer zwei Tage lang in der Spur zu halten. Respekt!

Managing Director, Studio F. A. Porsche, Österreich

Dear Ilona, in the name of team I would like to thank you for the excellent workshop as well as the documentation you put together for us. The workshop was educational, eye – and mind opening and constructive, along with tons of fun. Everyone enjoyed it. It was just the right thing at the right time and for the right team to do.

Management Support, CREDIT SUISSE AG, Private Banking, Switzerland

Joining your workshop was an eye-opener. There are things we (I) usually do at work that don’t feel 100% right. We do them because that’s what we’re used to, mainly, and we keep doing because…we don’t know better – especially when it comes to communication. Your workshop helped me identifying these wrong processes and “update the firmware”. I feel I walked out with meaningful tools and I’m looking forward to putting to practice what I have learnt.

Brand Marketing Manager, Burton Europe

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